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Medieval Times Swords

Medieval Times Swords

Swords have been the most elite weapons in the ages of close combat before the extensive use of guns. They were even used during the World War I by commanding officers who rode horses in the open battlefields for close combat. However, the most effective and variants of swords were used during the dark and medieval ages, during the crusades and other European wars, even in the orient where the Turks and the Mongols ruled.

Types of Medieval Swords

There are a lot of different variants of medieval times swords, depending upon their place of origin, and technique of use. A few swords amongst them have seen more valour than others and will be discussed along.  Here is a look at the various swords.

● Katana swords
The Katana was a sword with a single sharp edge. It was developed in Japan during the 14th century and entrusted to highly skilled warriors called ‘Samurai’. Originally used as a slicing tool, its blunt edge was also used for hurting the enemy to subdue him without killing. It was wielded in two hands and had an intricate design, and a curve that runs from tip to the handle, showing the respect they received from their wielders.

● Rapier Swords
Rapier swords were lightweight, thin, flexible and yet strong. It was a piercing weapon with a big handguard over the handle. It was used in Spain from 15th to 17th century, for swift and skilful attacks to find and penetrate the armour of an enemy. Its variant is a modern-day fencing sports sword.

● Cutlass swords
Cutlass was hugely popular among the sailors and pirates because of its ability to cut through ship ropes easily, hence the name. It was more of an elongated machete than a sword and was strong at cutting through a lot of things.

● Bronze Age swords
The Bronze age swords, ring-swords, were used for a long period of 2000 years. The bronze designs and crude make turned it into a stabbing-only weapon. It was similar to an elongated dagger and shaped in the mould of Roman Centurion swords, efficient for hacking and stabbing at close range.

Long Swords
Crusade Templar Swords and long swords were used by high ranking officers and knights during the crusades and other European wars before the introduction of guns and muskets. It was a show of wealth and power. The sword was developed for long arc swings from the back of a horse. The tip was kept heavy for the rider to be able to use the momentum of the swing to cut through enemies. They were well designed and famously named.

Value of Medieval Swords in the Present

How were the swords made?

Most of the swords in medieval times were made from the steel technology available to them during that time. The iron was melted from rocks and added up with impurities like carbon and sulphur to increase its strength and rust resistance. Every swords making workshop had different types of workers who worked in different parts of the sword making process. The steel was beaten to the shape of the blade by a blade crafter, while the handle was designed by the handle-maker. Customised swords were made for higher classes and novelties. The sword blade and the handle were then joined by the master and a swordsman would test its integrity and strength. The sword would be sold if it passed the tests, else would be sold out to a cheap buyer, like mercenaries or pirates, and then had to be remade over again.

Value of Medieval Swords in the Present

Medieval swords are now possessed by a lot of people for showcasing and as antiques to a family, handed down over the ages. The valuable historic ones are stored and look after at various museums across the world. Historians study them as the part of medieval history and lifestyle. The weapons and tactics have been recorded extensively in the book of ‘Art of War’ by Sun Tzu, a medieval Chinese General.


The Coolest Antique Weapons from the Civil War

Civil War is one of the most notable events in the history of the United States.  Many pieces that take us through all the events still remain in shelves and antique stores.  Auctions of the finest and rarest Civil War artifacts take place, waiting for the highest bidder to take home a significant piece of American history.

We will be going now through some of the coolest antique weapons from the civil war.  Everything including guns, pistols, revolvers, etc., is a carrier of great value.  Their value is calculated by antiquity, what it was used for and who wielded the sword or used the gun.

So here we go, with no further ado, a list of some cool Civil War artifacts.

Colt Firearms

Image result for colt firearms during the civil war

During the war, Colt firearms were sold as lighter versions of rifles and heavier guns.  These pistols were then seen as practical and efficient.  For example, the Colt Model 1851 Navy became one of the most popular guns ever made.  It reached 250,000 sales in about 20 years.  Pretty impressive for a handgun back in the days.

The other colt firearms used during the Civil War were:

  • Colt 1851 Navy Revolver.  This was the Confederacy’s preferred gun.
  • Colt Army Model 1860.  This .44 caliber revolver was made to replace the heavier Colt Dragoon Revolver.
  • Colt M1861 Navy.  This was an update from the successful Colt 1851 Navy Revolver.  About 39,000 of these ones were produced.
  • Colt Model 1855.  Also known as Colt Root, this was the first revolver with a solid frame design.
  • Colt Walker.  This .44 caliber was developed into the Colt Dragoon.
  • Colt Patterson.  The very first real revolver produced by Colt in 1836.

There are of course other models of pistols and rifles used back in the days of the Civil War.  We will get to those shortly.

Swords and Sabers

Image result for swords during the civil war

The swords and sabers are truly fine artifacts to see.  We are already obsessed with swords of all types.  The historical value of Civil War swords and sabers increase their auction value.  You can see these pieces selling at prices of around $20,000.

If you research where to buy Civil War swords, you will find some of the rarest ones out there.  Of course, the rarer they are, the pricier they get.   For example, a very rare Confederate Leech & Rigdon “Floating CS Officer’s Sword”, a very rare sword is sold at $17,500.

Some of the Civil War swords and sabers include:

  • Model 1832 Artillery Sword.  Artillerymen wielded these ones.
  • Model 1840 Light Artillery Saber.  This one was issued to mounted artillery.
  • Model 1840 Cavalry Saber.  Issued to the Union cavalry.
  • Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber.  This was issues to the Union cavalry as well.
  • Model 1850 Army Staff & Field Officers’ Sword.  This was the regulation sword for officers. However, most officers used cavalry sabers.

If you are planning on making any investment on any sword or saber, it is important for you to check its validity with a Civil War relic expert and make sure that they have undergone the correct process of authentification.


Image result for Model 1816 Springfield

Very important for combats, rifles had to be as versatile as possible.  The Union issued the Spencer and Henry rifles, two of the world’s first repeating rifles.  But then there were some other rifle models used by the infantry and that were popular during the Civil War.

  • Model 1816 Springfield.  This .69 caliber, although dangerous to the shooter, was the most common weapon during the first year of the war.
  • Model 1842 Springfield.  Still a .69 caliber and a smoothbore musket, it was the last one adopted by the U.S. Army and the first one to be machine made.
  • Model 1854 Lorenz Rifle.  Austrian’s army standard infantry weapon.
  • Model 1855 Springfield Rifle.  The first musket adopted by the U.S. Army.
  • Model 1861 Springfield Rifle. Considered by many the gold standard of the Civil War infantry weapons.
Antique Weapons

Ideas for Collectors and Hunters

For many weaponry enthusiasts, boosting the collection typically involves buying fancy and new technical weapons that are known as the latest and greatest. However, for many of us more casual collectors, this isn’t an option for many reasons. First, it simply might not be the goal of the collector. Second, these sorts of items are usually far more expensive. Third, not everyone has enough proper storage. The latter is especially important, as it’s crucial to make sure your weapons are stored out of site in a safe manner, even if they are antiques. This leads us to the point of this article, which is to highlight a couple ideas to help you save on space and budget, while boosting your personal collection at the same time.

Antique Tomahawks

Antique tomahawks are really interesting weapons for both collectors and hunters. Many different cultures have employed some form of tomahawk or axe that have taken on special cultural meanings, so these items can be extremely valuable for collectors. More modern tomahawks exist as well, but these are typically reserved for specific contexts, such as the military, or for more practical purposes like outdoor work. Nevertheless, their rich history, versatility, relatively small size, and contemporary uses all make them an appealing option for many weapon collectors and enthusiasts.


This might sound weird to some, but having proper lighting can be a huge difference maker for your weapon. If you’re a collector of antique weapons and are prioritizing their preservation for historical value, then this won’t be nearly as applicable. On the other hand, if you’re an avid hunter who enjoys spending a lot of time in the wild, then having proper lighting can make a huge difference, not just for detection of game, but to help you find your way.

Lighting can be as simple as a good flashlight or headlamp. A flashlight is great for storage and is usually the cheapest option, but this requires you to have at least one hand free. A headlamp is also a good option, as it doesn’t require hands and you’re automatically illuminating where you are looking. That being said, if you’re someone who enjoys fancy new hardware, you can also get handy lighting systems that mount directly on your weapon, acting as a combination between a flashlight and a headlamp. The only issue here it’s not really necessary to go this extra step if you’re a collector or hunter, so you lose a bit of value, but otherwise a mounted flashlight can be pretty cool!


At the end of the day, only you know what you truly want, especially if you are a collector. These are simply ideas that we have thought of more recently and have discussed with others about, so maybe they don’t apply to you, or maybe you’ll find yourself with a brand new collection!

Antique Weapons

3 Antique Swords Every Collector Wants

3 Antique Swords Every Collector Wants

Are you a collector who is searching for antique swords? Japanese swords, Civil War Swords, and Tai Chi swords are what you are looking for and eager to have. These are ancient swords which are very rare to find making them costly to acquire.  These swords come in different shapes, sizes and represent different eras in history.  The 3 antique swords every collector wants would make a fine addition to any collection.

Japanese Sword

From the name, these are Japanese traditional swords which are said to be made from earth, water fire, wind and divine energy made by human beings. These are made of steel, come in different lengths and have a curved edge. Japanese Swords are very expensive and will cost a collector around $3000. The average weight of a Japanese sword is around 2lbs. There is three main type of Japanese sword; Tachi, Katana, and Wakizashi.

Katana swords had a longer grip, slender in shape and curved while Tachi Swords are more curved and longer than katana swords.  If you want shorter Japanese Sword, Wakizashi is what you are looking for. These are short and mostly are carried as backup swords.

Civil War Swords

These swords are favored by historians and sword collectors as they were used in the American Civil War. Most of these swords are kept as the heirlooms and some owned by war veteran families. 1840 non-commissioned army sword is one of the famous civil war swords known. Its hilt is made of brass, and it has a 31-inch blade. It has the blunt edge because its primary function was to stab the enemy.  Civil war swords are rare to find hence few available for sale making them very expensive.

Tai Chi Swords

If you are searching for double edged swords, Tai Chi swords are what you want. Tai chi swords are straight and have a long blade of 30 inches. The sword is double edged, and most of them have characters such as dragons on the blade. There are different types of Tai Chi swords hence you should look for quality swords which should have a good shape and balanced weight.

If you are a collector, the above three swords are exactly what you want in your collection. From the detailed explanations, each type of sword is well described hence making it easy to identify and differentiate them. These ancient swords hence their cost varies with the availability of the sword.