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3 Antique Swords Every Collector Wants

3 Antique Swords Every Collector Wants

Are you a collector who is searching for antique swords? Japanese swords, Civil War Swords, and Tai Chi swords are what you are looking for and eager to have. These are ancient swords which are very rare to find making them costly to acquire.  These swords come in different shapes, sizes and represent different eras in history.  The 3 antique swords every collector wants would make a fine addition to any collection.

Japanese Sword

From the name, these are Japanese traditional swords which are said to be made from earth, water fire, wind and divine energy made by human beings. These are made of steel, come in different lengths and have a curved edge. Japanese Swords are very expensive and will cost a collector around $3000. The average weight of a Japanese sword is around 2lbs. There is three main type of Japanese sword; Tachi, Katana, and Wakizashi.

Katana swords had a longer grip, slender in shape and curved while Tachi Swords are more curved and longer than katana swords.  If you want shorter Japanese Sword, Wakizashi is what you are looking for. These are short and mostly are carried as backup swords.

Civil War Swords

These swords are favored by historians and sword collectors as they were used in the American Civil War. Most of these swords are kept as the heirlooms and some owned by war veteran families. 1840 non-commissioned army sword is one of the famous civil war swords known. Its hilt is made of brass, and it has a 31-inch blade. It has the blunt edge because its primary function was to stab the enemy.  Civil war swords are rare to find hence few available for sale making them very expensive.

Tai Chi Swords

If you are searching for double edged swords, Tai Chi swords are what you want. Tai chi swords are straight and have a long blade of 30 inches. The sword is double edged, and most of them have characters such as dragons on the blade. There are different types of Tai Chi swords hence you should look for quality swords which should have a good shape and balanced weight.

If you are a collector, the above three swords are exactly what you want in your collection. From the detailed explanations, each type of sword is well described hence making it easy to identify and differentiate them. These ancient swords hence their cost varies with the availability of the sword.

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