A Keychain Multitool is the Best Way to Keep Yourself Safe

What is your first response tech to keep you safe? Ironically, some swear by their keychain multitool. There are a lot of reasons for choosing a keychain over the full-pledge multitool. For regular carry needs, I believe this small tool would suffice and unless you’re up to the task of carrying a heavy multi-tool set, there a few reasons to take the lighter route.

Some Ways You Can Use a Keychain Multitool

There are many ways you can use a keychain multitool. One example that comes to mind is the Gerber Shard which you can easily buy for $5. Cheap right? But if you come to think of its usefulness you will be amazed at its value. Here are seven ways you can use this small toolbox:

  1. Lanyard hole

    You can put a lanyard on the small hole of the tool. What is it for? Well, if the situation calls for it, you can easily use it as a weapon like a nunchuck and fling it against your opponent as a last ditch effort to defend yourself. Some might say that’s lame but is a self-defense situation, there’s no such thing as lame.

  2. Pry Bar

    In the absence of a full-pledge craw bar, a pry bar can help remove small nails embedded in your shoes. If you don’t have this tool, you will have to pull it by hands which can be very tough.

  3. Small Driver

    If you need to unscrew small screws, the small driver would do a fine job. As long as you have the strength to turn the screw, this tool will unscrew it.

  4. Wire Stripper

    Do you need to remove the insulator of some wires, the wire stripper function would gladly oblige. It’s sharp enough to cut through the plastic insulation without cutting the wire. It also doubles as a pry bar.

  5. Medium Driver

    For bigger screws, you have the medium driver to unscrew it. Again, depending on how tough it was screwed down if your hands can handle it, this tool is sufficient for the task. But if you really need a bigger one, you better get the one in your car’s dashboard.

  6. Bottle Opener

    This is perhaps the most known use of this tool. The reason for this is that opening a bottle is the most common task that one can think of when using a multitool. Being made of stainless steel, this small tool is capable of opening any beer or soft drink bottle around.

  7. Cross Driver

    Do you happen to need a Philip screw driver, there is one in this small toolbox. It’s what you call a 2D design but it works pretty well.

Do you think the keychain type multitool is enough for your daily needs? Do you think you still need a full-pledge multitool? Share a comment or two in the section below.

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